GWEN takes a new approach to business based on generosity and kindness. The feminine nature is designed to protect and provide for our families. We created this forum to attract women who want to focus on nurturing and the power of attraction to grow strong, healthy businesses.              


Modern education is based on memorizing and verbalizing traditions—particularly regarding the art of war. Science, mathematics and history are deeply entwined with military models. Seldom do you find educational institutions that emphasize family systems, feminine arts or the Emotional Intelligence necessary for the new service economy.              


GWEN is a self-organizing, self-regulating system based on the power of storytelling and on exploring new applications of win-win game theory. We replace “give and take” with giving and receiving. You learn to earn the trust of your business community. We replace debate, discussion and argument with patterns of communication like feedback, appreciation and yielding. Our approach is designed to produce playful collaboration.            


While capitalized businesses focus on profits, free agent entrepreneurs put more attention on life-long relationships. We develop loving networks that emphasize loyalty and consideration for others. Just as Chinese families provide a lifeline to all members, GWEN self-selects women who have the curiosity and desire to be a part of a loving, caring business community.            


Although GWEN is about living, loving and laughing our way to success, it is also a highly disciplined organization. Intrigue, gossip and deceit have no place in a business community based on friendship. So we recruit, train, and use time-outs to encourage natural selection of the participants.    


Our community has no use for “isms” or “ologies” that thrive on conflict. Ours is the way of achieving everything by living, playing, and working in harmony.