GWEN International

For over a decade now the free-agent entrepreneurs of GWEN have been assisting one another to grow their businesses by expanding their connections.

In October 2015 we return to our roots on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza for the ultimate celebration of the feminine spirit in business.

Whether you need a mentor or want to be a mentor, GWEN International is where we gather to meet women from different cultures and countries who share similar dreams and aspirations.

Corporations value intellect (IQ). Entrepreneurs learn by heart (EQ). Five days of nurturing from supportive women entrepreneurs will do more for your business than five years in a traditional business school. 

Whereas men are drawn to data, women prefer to gather profound knowledge through storytelling. It is our nature to investigate and navigate our projects through equal partnerships rather than hierarchies. Friendship is equally valuable to us as profits.

Innovation that comes from the mind takes forever to reach the heart. But when your heart sees a better way, the mind automatically takes in concepts and practices in a fraction of the time.

If you are ready to transcend ideas by putting your dreams into action, please reserve your space and buy your ticket to Ibiza for the experience of a lifetime.