GWEN Global

GWEN is a new spirit of cooperation between women entrepreneurs. While corporate careers favor competitiveness, entrepreneurs enjoy the benefits of innovative forms of cooperation.

The 4-Day GWEN Conference brings together business owners in a festive event where women gather to share their experiences and learn valuable skills that are not taught in business schools or success seminars.

People skills are the power tools of the service economy. There are plenty of regular networking events available where people promote their products. GWEN is different. This is where you come to win friends and to build business relationships that will last a lifetime. Here you practice teambuilding by co-creating projects with other inspiring women. You build connections that will lift your career to an entirely new level.

Corporations “build” businesses that inevitably decline. Entrepreneurs “grow” webs of friends who understand that trust is more valuable than short-term profits. Big companies seek faceless customers. Small business owners succeed by developing lifelong professional relationships.

The hunter-gatherer era, the agricultural age and the industrial economy favored masculine traits. But the new service economy favors feminine, nurturing qualities. Your innate desire to care for others gives you a tremendous advantage in 21st century business practices.

Forget about traditional networking meetings with everyone selling. Embrace a new approach. GWEN is an enlightened business forum for women who understand the power of generosity to create attraction and appreciation for a future that belongs to all of us.