The GWEN Experience

Some women are as reliable as the sun. Their warmth and honesty lift up everyone they meet. The 1-day GWEN experience is your opportunity to kindle those wonderful aspects of your own nature, together with other women entrepreneurs who aspire to conduct business on a higher level.

Crony capitalism has created a generation of business predators who seek to exploit human resources and squander natural resources. We reject that approach on principle. 

GWEN is a vast web of international women, dedicated to conducting business from the heart. We are discovering new ways to bring the same love we share with our families to our clients and associates. True service flows from hearts united in loving respect. You are a great source for the feminine evolution of global business.

People who work primarily for profits too often sell out the quality of their lives to get people to buy their products. True entrepreneurs do what they love with people they enjoy. Over time they earn the trust of the business community, which becomes a long-term source of security through friendship.

At GWEN we reach for a high standard by creating a sweeter, kinder web of clients and associates. People can purchase more things from more sources than any time in history. What they are really buying is you. 

Join us for a day of friendship to revive your ability to make people feel good about themselves. Discover innovative patterns of business talk that will reduce the effort in your career and endear you to the people you serve.   

If you register 14 days before the event, the price for this class is 50€.