GWEN Events

The GWEN Experience

Some women are as reliable as the sun. Their warmth and honesty lift up everyone they meet. The 1-day GWEN experience is your opportunity to kindle those wonderful aspects of your own nature, together with other women entrepreneurs who aspire to conduct business on a higher level.

GWEN Global

GWEN is a new spirit of cooperation between women entrepreneurs. While corporate careers favor competitiveness, entrepreneurs enjoy the benefits of innovative forms of cooperation.

The 4-Day GWEN Conference brings together business owners in a festive event where women gather to share their experiences and learn valuable skills that are not taught in business schools or success seminars.

GWEN International

For over a decade now the free-agent entrepreneurs of GWEN have been assisting one another to grow their businesses by expanding their connections.

In October 2015 we return to our roots on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza for the ultimate celebration of the feminine spirit in business.