Women can achieve equality in business by owning and operating their own small businesses. Free agent entrepreneurs transform their passion into their profession. They do what they love with people they enjoy. More importantly, they provide interesting jobs that add great value to the economy.


Equal opportunity for women in corporate and government careers is rare. Few women get promoted to management positions. Fewer still are invited to participate in upper management or leadership roles. The pay disparity between men and women has shown only small improvement, despite countless legal battles and protests over many decades.


GWEN provides an intelligent alternative by showing women how to create small pilot projects that require little or no capital. Women invest their time and talents together in brief “seed” projects designed to earn the money they need to grow. Every woman designs and sells her own unique products and services.


GWEN provides low-cost conferences and meet-up groups worldwide where women can learn the fundamental skills of innovation and entrepreneurship.


While traditional businesses exploit human capital, financial capital and natural resources to produce goods, GWEN business projects serve people and nature by creating exciting, innovative projects that bring out the best in others.


Masculine businesses models stress quick results. Men often speak of taking an objective or conquering a market. Our feminine business models are more akin to raising children. You start small with each project. Instead of forcing growth your take it slow so as to enjoy each stage of the process. You don’t expand beyond your means or take unnecessary risks. It takes 20 years to raise a child and a similar amount of time to grow a business that is in tune with your chosen lifestyle.


We invite women and woman based organizations to participate and collaborate in the process of helping women achieve success on their own terms. To learn more please E-Mail Mia Sage at info@gwen.international for information about local GWEN chapters or to attend a global conference at a destination of your choice.